Austin Seven (1922-1959) - duży album / historia (Mor

Austin Seven (1922-1959) - duży album / historia (Morgan)
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Austin Seven (1922-1959) - duży album / historia (Morgan) Austin Seven (1922-1959) - duży album / historia (Morgan) Austin Seven (1922-1959) - duży album / historia (Morgan) Austin Seven (1922-1959) - duży album / historia (Morgan) Austin Seven (1922-1959) - duży album / historia (Morgan) Austin Seven (1922-1959) - duży album / historia (Morgan)
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Veloce Publishing

Austin Seven (1922-1959) - duży album / historia (Morgan)

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Immortal Austin Seven (Nieśmiertelny Austin Seven) - David Morgan, Veloce Publishing 2017, język angielski, 228 str, format 24,8x24,8 cm, 319 zdjęć, twarda oprawa z obwolutą, waga 1,28 kg, ISBN 9781845849795
            - duży album prezentujący historię samochodów Austin Seven produkowany w latach 1922-1939 w ponad 300 wersjach nadwozi i przeznaczeń, w tym także sportowych, gdzie odnosił duże sukcesy na przełomie lat 1930/31, a po II wojnie w przeróbkach sportowych także w latach 1950-tych
- samochód który pozwolił przetrwać firmie Austin Motor Company, zmotoryzował Wielką Brytanię tak jak Polskę Maluch 126p - samochód dla ludu, którgo licencję kupiła także firma BMW produkując swój model BMW Dixi
     - spis treści:
Acknowledgements 5
Foreword 6
Introduction 8
One The Concept 9
Two Production 23
Three Austin Before The Seven 35
Four Longbridge 42
Five Rapid Development And The Roaring Twenties 48
Six Coach-Built Sevens 69
Seven The Mighty Atom 78
Eight The Military Austin Seven 85
Nine Racing Success And Into The 1930S 96
Ten Austin Sevens Abroad 112
Eleven Villiers, Jamieson, And The Twin-Cam Racers 125
Twelve A Proper Car For ÂŁ100 141
Thirteen A 750 Club –If Needed 161
Fourteen Antipodean Specialists 183
Fifteen Long Haul Sevens 187
Sixteen The 1950S Austin Seven Special Building Craze 192
Seventeen Renaissance 198
Eighteen Using Your Austin Seven Today 206
Appendix 220
Bibliography 222
Index 227
      - wprowadzenie wydawcy:
“Immortal Austin Seven” tells the story of this most popular of prewar cars in all its variations, from the earliest Chummy of the 1920s, through Sports, Military, Box and Ruby Saloons to the exquisite Twin Cam racers of the late 1930s. The book includes period, detail drawings and rarely seen photographs – a must for the Austin Seven enthusiast.
                The Austin Seven was truly “Motoring for the Millions,” and Herbert Austin’s baby car has fascinated thousands of enthusiasts for almost a century, with the sheer variety of more than 300 distinct works or coach-built types in 17 years of production. The Austin Seven engine also powered aeroplanes, boats, tractors and motorcycles, and was put to many astonishing uses, all described in this book.
                There is also a section on the use of the Austin Seven post World War Two, and the car’s competition role in trials, hill climbs and circuit racing, including the amazingly successful 750 Formula, which sparked off the careers of famous men like Colin Chapman, Eric Broadley, Arthur Mallock and Tony Southgate, and the craze of building sporting Austin Seven “Specials” which peaked in the 1950s.
                The book includes period detail drawings and rarely seen photographs, and provides fascinating reading for both Austin Seven and general motoring enthusiasts.
The Austin Seven – the best known and best loved pre-war British car
The car that saved the Austin Motor Company and surpassed the wildest expectations of its creators
The first British “car for the millions” and a quality “little big car”
Advertised as a car that was easily driven by women. At the time a novel concept!
A hugely adaptable car, with more than 300 variants produced over 17 years
The Austin Seven quickly proved itself competitive in racers, hill climbers and trials
The military Austin Seven saw service in at least three continents, and led to the creation of the Jeep.
Post World War Two, the Austin Seven was the springboard for the founders of modern British motorsport. Many of motoring’s well-known marques have Austin Sevens in their DNA – Jaguar, Jensen, BMW, Lotus, Mini-Coopers

Today, the Austin Seven is enjoyed in greater numbers than any other pre-war car, in rallies, road runs, trials, races and hill climbs.

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